Counselling for Decision Making

“It isn’t where you came from. It’s where you’re going that counts.”

Ella Fitzgerald

Have you ever been in a dilemma trying to make decision? You are stuck not knowing which option to pick when both options seem equally attractive. You have considered the two options carefully. You have weighed up the pros and cons of both options. You have spoken to the other stakeholders and observed the various signs.

Despite all these steps, you may not feel ready to make a decision. To lessen the stress and anxiety, it can be enlightening for you to talk to me. I can help you to clarify the goals and aspirations around the decision. What needs to be in place for you to make a decision? How would you feel after you make the decision? What would be the signs that you have made the decision that is right for you and others ? Who would be impacted your decision making? What would be a small step that you could take in the right direction in terms of decision making? These would be some of the questions that I would explore with you to add some creativity into your decision-making process. By expanding your horizon, the decision-making process becomes less stressful.

Decision making can be difficult, especially when there is much at stake. Some people are absolutely paralyzed when facing decisions. Fortunately, help is available, and you can learn to handle decisions with ease.

If you are interested in exploring counselling with me for decision making or you have any questions, please visit my contact page.