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I work with adults facing challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, life transition and relationship issues. I also work with couples who want to improve and strengthen their relationship. I can converse fluently in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Click below to find out more on how I can assist you.

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Depression is the persistent feeling of sadness and hopelessness. Treatment can help and elevate your mood and outlook.



While anxiety is a natural human response to danger, sometimes fears and worries can feel overwhelming and interfere with your daily functioning. Let me help you find ways past your anxiety.

Trauma Councelling

Trauma Counselling

In response to traumatic events, some individuals experience long-term problems. Professional therapy can help you feel better, function better, and go on to live your best life.


“Sebastian has a habit of asking ‘what’s better since our last session?’ It was hard to answer this question at first.  Then, I started to look out for things that were better.  The more I look, the more I find.  Yes things are getting better.”

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Psychological issues are typically invisible to outsiders. There is no shame is asking for help to resolve your problems. Contact me today and look forward to a better tomorrow.